Are U Proud to be A Sikh

I am proud to be a Sikh
So do many speak
But only of the past
And not these present weeks.
I pity the Khalsa Panth
Which gave up its life for Guru Granth
Who sacrificed their heads instead of their hair
Attaining martyrdom with least worldly care.
Oh! The love for our Guru was so great then
That we were recognized as the purest of men,
But now that our love for Him is fading away
Our Panth is undergoing deep decay.
The problem is we still doubt our Guru
Despite being perfect--and this is quite true.
We get influenced by others' personal philosophies
And the purest knowledge, we thus oversee.
Why, why is this taking place?
Why are we in this disgrace?
Do you have any care at all,
If you are a Sikh from your heart and soul?
A true Sikh is purest in form and feature
He is the embodiment of simple Nature
So please do not practice apostasy
And call yourself a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh Ji!
If our faith is modern then why not our form?
Because, if your mind is pure, so will be your body's interests
Now, don't make this mistake of following your own norm
And later blame being influenced by the West.

--Manjot S., 7th-8th Grade