"Arduousness." The Journey of Boxer

Boxer is a strong horse, beholden by many, hoping for a future that Animal Farm will bring plenty.
One of the first to work hard in ephemeral peace, maybe working hard would bring more feasts?
Boxer cares for any spark of life, even for those at the other end of a fight.
Unfortunately, Boxer began to believe the lies that Napoleon stated, but this didn't make Boxer turn to hatred.
He was still the caring, hard working horse that every animal knew, but it was now that his endurance flew.
It was the windmill that was to be built, now Boxer's onerous sweat was spilt.
He was overworking day to night, incarcerated in an abstract labyrinth that was "Napoleon is always right."
But Boxer kept going, farther and farther, making sure to keep working harder.
However, Boxer fell down and couldn't take it anymore, everyone was shocked to see him so sore.
Napoleon heartlessly sent Boxer away, why does someone so benignant and industrious have to pay?
But Boxer's life is a reminder that even though the world may be full of hate, caring for others will open a new gate.

-- Braden E., 9th-12th Grade