We Can Be Like a Tree

When we were little we thought happy thoughts and we thought in the future that we will be happy and have fun.

But as we got older our perspectives changed from being happy and cheery to being sad and lonely.

Some of us put a mask on that has a happy face, while others just push people away.

It’s like a bright green tree, but as time went by it turned to red, orange, yellow, and brown until it just fell to the ground.

But the tree still kept on growing its bright green leaves. It never gave up cause it said to itself:

I’ll grow my green leaves even if they fall and break cause when I have my green leaves I bring people happiness.

I show them how bright and green I am. Even when winter comes and my leaves fall, I’ll still stand tall.

And that’s why we see trees so beautiful and tall.

So even if problems come to us, we’ll keep on being brave and strong if we believe in ourselves within and out.

--Andrea G., 3rd-6th Grade