A fat girl walks into an office and is asked if she’s ever thought about dieting
A fat girl walks into a doctor’s office regarding a debilitating pain that doesn't allow her to walk
Fat girl leaved the doctor’s office with advice to lose weight
Fat girl walks into a diner with her friends
And is scared to pick anything off of the menu
If she gets a salad, who am I kidding? she didn't get to this size by eating salads
If i get a steak then obviously she's fat if she keeps eating like this.
Why don't you just try to work out
Why don't you just eat better
How about eating less?
Eat less
And less
Until I am eating nothing at all
But its working
Until its not
There is never enough weight lost
One can only go so long without eating
But i have to go longer
I'm still a size 12.
I walk into a doctors office begging for an ultrasound and leave with advice to lose weight
Maybe try some tylenol
So i go longer
And longer
Its not working anymore
I'm still a size 12
I'm tired of this give me everything that i couldn't have had before
Give me all of it
I am a size 16 again
I walk into an OB/GYN finally having an ultrasound done
They have to undo my high waisted pants and my stomach touches my crotch
I walk into the shower and my stomach hangs down
There has to be a better way
600 dollars and one year of pain later
I am still a size 16
I walk into a doctors office for a physical
My heart rate is perfect
My blood pressure is admirable
“I’m surprised everything is still good considering your weight, your youth wont take care of you like this forever.”
Fat girl leaves the doctor's office as Fat Girl who is Somehow… Healthy?? But what does it matter
She's still fat.
And that shouldn't be there
Its for your own health

--Gisel C., Adult