The Gift of Life

At conception,
I was conceived in Your mind and heart,
Abba, our Father;
You gave me my Guardian Angel at that moment.
Being knit in my mother’s womb by the Divine Creator,
I would tenderly listen to my Mom’s powerful heart beat.
The voices of my parents, my grandparents,
my sister and relatives
were muffled but I could hear them.
My Mom would talk to me, sing and read stories to her “little pumpkin,”
a sweet nick name a hospital nurse would give to me after I was born
and one that would stick with me throughout my life.
Babydoll #2, my Daddy would call me and
Babydoll #1 was my sister
who I looked to for guidance in a busy world.
Thank You God for giving me life and
to my parents for caring for me.
May I care for those in need around me with the strength from my Divine Spouse, Jesus
and the Blessed Mother, Mary.

--Charlene S., Adult Guest