Sonnet to Thea

Upon a plinth there stood a statue proud,ㅤ
Festoon'd with ivy twining there aroundㅤ
Her lithy limbs and chained, her bosom bound–ㅤ
Where once succoured songs the vines enshroudㅤ
The air which sorrow sweet did she uncloudㅤ
With tenderness, that waning ray of smile,ㅤ
Those sanguine lips a draught of warm beguile ㅤ
To sate beneath the desert's dappled cloud.ㅤ
The sages speak of thee upon thy tomb,ㅤ
Unearthly is thy blacken'd marble hewn ㅤ
As 't were the shadow of thy light's relume,ㅤ
Adrift the Nile beneath the huntress moon;ㅤ
Her beauty roved these shores, one whomㅤ
The Roman viper vanquish'd far too soon.ㅤ

--Kenneth W., Adult Guest