Motherhood is not for the weak of mind or the faint of heart.
Why didn't someone tell me this from the start?

Prepared to be a mother I may not be,
but here it is - staring straight at me!

Do I duck, or do I run and hide,
or do I try to take it all in stride?

What if I fail to do any good,
in raising my children like everyone thinks I should.

How will they grow up?
What will they turn out to be?
A million questions,
each answer a mystery.

Life goes on - or so they say,
each little one has to find their own way.
I can try to teach and be a guide,
but only their heart can truly decide.

What will they do?
What will they be?
Maybe it doesn't all depend on me.

My best is the only thing I can do.
The rest I'll have to leave up to you.

Grow up, leave home, start the cycle again.
All I can hope is that we can always be friends.

--Linda L., Adult