More to the World

There is more to the world then just a screen.
What I say is true, come out and see.
You can play a fun game of Basketball,
Or gaze at the beautiful Waterfall.
It’s a brisk day, why not fly a kite?
Or tell campfire story’s on a spooky  night.
Play fetch with your dog, you will have much fun,
Or build a sand castle in the hot sun.
Go to the park, you will be glad’
Or you can play Football with your dad.
You can go fishing at the sunny docks,
Or make puppets out of socks.
Help your mother bake a chocolate cake,
Or feed the ducks at the beautiful lake.
You may be staring at a bright screen,
But the world is brighter, come out and see.

The end.

--Joel B., 3rd-6th Grade