Hope, in difficult times; A poem for my daughters

Heavy clouds move overhead, shielding the Sun.
The sky’s are grey, & the air about is frigid.
The voice of thunder shakes the atmosphere.
Birds seek nests, insects return to refuge.
Rapid rainfall mimics sounds of sizzling eggs.
Gloom spreads faster than the falling rain,
Squinting is replaced by constant blinking.
Chin grows heavy, pulling the head downward.
Arms & shoulders sag, stride slows to a stop.
In a trance, only responsive to despondence.
A standstill. Time tics. Eons pass til next toc....

To the forehead flows a trickle from the scalp,
Sliding between the eyes, resting at the nose tip...
A gentle wind blows the droplet down to plop.
Waving ripples echo, clearing clouded conjecture.
The haze is lifted, & the eyes are free to see..
Lingering puddles reflect a colorful smile,
A rainbow shares its greeting full of hope..
Natures creatures wander near to say hello.
A fragile butterfly thrived through the threat.
The eyes follow the flyer upward to an awe.
Birds sing, squirrels frolic, bees buzz nearby,
Amid darkened days have flowers petals blossomed.
A deep inhale sets the shoulders loose,
& the exhale liberates the body into motion,
To smile, to sing, to frolic, to blossom, & to fly.

--Abner Z., Adult