First Responders

Towards danger they run.
They don’t look away.
They lift others up.
Countless lives they have saved.

So selfless, so giving, great risks they do take.
Hardworking, persevering, for better days they do make,
with their sacrifice of time, their talents immense,
for their dedication to others they receive little recompense.

They’re tireless and devoted, and get very little rest.
They give us their all and they give us their best.
They resuscitate, and mitigate, they soothe, and console,
our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and countless more untold.

Like us, they do bleed.
Like us, they feel hurt.
They’re not immortal, like us, they will die.
Like us, they will laugh.
Like us, they do cry.
Like us, they should hold their heads high.

They’re heroes, role models, from all walks and all ranks.
The care that they give, we reflect with our thanks.
With virtual hugs and high-fives we show our appreciation,
for their tireless, and selfless, profound dedication.

Towards danger they run.
They don’t look away.
Please take a moment of your time,
to thank a First Responder, today.

--Shirley B., Adult