Change, a Test

Change brings out the best
Change is a test
Listen and respond responsibly
Guard your health and safety

Practice Social Distancing
Be sure to be 6 feet apart
Avoid being placed 6 feet under
Wash your hands often
Wear a mask
Keep your hands away from face
Watch for symptoms - a fever, dry throat, difficulty

Listen and respond responsibly
A time to Shelter-in-Place
No gatherings of groups of more than 10
Gatherings mutate and celebrations evolve
The norm is shaken and new ways come to life
Sometimes being virtual, having a parade, or pick-
up and delivery drive-by pot-lucks

As humans, we find ways to reach out
We learn to give air hugs
We yearn for life in abundance, even in adversity
We yearn for togetherness
We live out our faith and hope for a better

--Gloris P., Adult