At The Break of Dawn

Darkness surrounds the first glimpse of light

I wake up every morning to a beautiful sight

The morning mist hangs in the air all around

Barely visible are the above cumulus clouds

Cold and chilly, the morning breeze blows toward the rising sun

My warm steamy exhaled breath from the bottom of my lungs

Warms my rubbing hands as I start to shiver at where I stand

In the yard looking at my vegetables and plants

I breathe in the fresh air through my nose and my mouth

As I raise my arms to stretch and yawn out loud

I hear the crickets and the birds chirp

While the frogs croak as the sun warms the turf

Bees buzzing as they collect pollen and nectar from the flowers

While a pair of butterflies flutter in the air close together

The morning dews gather around the flowers' smooth petals

The reflection of the sun makes the dews sparkle at an angle

I love the smell of fresh air in the lawn

Especially at the break of dawn

--Pang T., Adult