We Shape The World

In time
Over the ages
People we admire
Beauty on canvas from
A muse of many an admirer
Princess Diana
He was a man of science
Little did we know
Isaac Newton
Freedom fighter for many
President Abraham Lincoln
Liberation's forefather, a long battle
In the dance steps of the
80's and 90's
The Piano Man
Billy Joel
Fighter for the free World in
Winston Churchill
A man who stood strong
Music's Genius
Stirring our souls with his
All are equal with us in one
We are all challenged each day
To express our uniqueness, strengths, and bonds of togetherness
We are ALL together in the realm of behavioral health
You are not alone, in history, this moment, in the future
Like these and those to come we make a difference
Influencing and shaping the world
You are the building block of the Earth.

--Hazel S., Adult