The War Inside Our Walls

We fight an invisible war.
Enemies who can't be seen.
Borders close.
Stay six feet from me.
Loved ones lost. Blame disease.
Did not tell you goodbye.
Hide behind the mask.
Never saw you there before.
Want to help. Don’t know how.
Gave no prior hands.
Close my door. Keep you out.
You sleep on the street.
The infected. The plague.
None to give. Times are just too tough.
Brave the beast. Stand in line.
Must stock up on more.
Wait it out at home.
Out of sight and out of mind.
Alienation justified by germs.
Hate justified by fear.
We build these walls, but say we're one.
No problems before now.
This will end. Together strong.
You still must keep away.
My gloves come off. We reunite.
But will I let you stay?

--Jeff G., Adult