The real me

Let’s state the elephant in the room. Yes I know im dark chocolate with “good hair for a black girl,” or “if you were lighter you would be very pretty.” Does my hair & color depend on society’s preference of the “perfect black girl”? But does that really really define me? Is that what “fill my bag” God made specifically for me or the judgement im face with from everyone else? What if I told you, in my bag shows the struggles my family & I been through. The wisdom I was so blessed with but, cursed with. Covering the secrets that are never spoken about. Losing someone so close to you, being taken away in one snap of God’s fingers. My boat of cares & don’t cares flowing on my sea of flared up emotions. The good & bad experiences most people don’t see on the outside. My unexplainable mood swings I get set into like the missing puzzle piece. The scars from the painful slashes of life. You may be asking is there anything good inside your bag? Well there is my ability to make a dark room light up with one smile. My eyes brighter than the glowing stars in the night sky. My contagious laugh that latches onto everyone. The happiness from doing the things I love. My wants & needs I hunger for. My ambitions that I linger for. The love for peacefulness, quietness, & calmness. The beauty from the motherland im very blessed and greatful for. My thick nappy roots dating back to my momma’s family in Ethiopia. My collard green, cornbread jumbo, jambalaya, loving Creole family back in Louisiana. The grade of God that was bestowed upon me. The love of God within me. And the power of God that keeps me. That’s what fills my bag.
This is Me.

-- Kailah C., 9th-12th Grade