Simple Things and Simple Gifts

Sitting next to an open window
the breeze coming in to say hello
bringing its night perfume,
orange blossoms and new mown grass.

In the house, Copeland’s Appalachian Spring is playing
painting a picture of America.
I pause and stop to listen
as it stirs the heart of even the heartless.

It is the story in music, we all long for.
Where men and women are moved
to achieve great and wonderful things.
It is the hope and optimism of an American people.

Given so much that we sometimes forget
to look out the window
and see the majesty and magic of the night
and take in the fragrance of its perfume.

Sometimes, it is the simple things and simple gifts
of this earth and this existence
that is enough to move the heart, stir the soul
and lead us to understand, the best is yet to be.

When we simply stop to pause and to listen and to see.

--Thomas V., Adult