I never wanted a dog
I was told they would make a mess like babies
All they ever do is eat, sleep, and poop
Like they are a working machine
Till one day, our family brought ourselves a dog
His fur color is as grey as my Grandpa’s beard
His tail is as short as a sausage
His eyes are as blue as the sky
Our dog was given a nickname "baby horse" because he sure runs like one
Our dog is very clumsy that he falls like a cockroach
Our dog whimpers like a tweety bird
Beware his giant paws they hurt like you drop a set of dumbbells on your feet
Beware his sharp teeth they could cut through anything like razor blades
And of course, beware of his farts they are deadly like rotten eggs
Despite his flaws, I will always love my dog "Rocko"

-- Caleb A., 9th-12th Grade