Right-Side of Darkness

Vantablack merges
into the newly discovered dark.
Where it dances in reverberation,
Galavanting cryptic thoughts,
Halting the predestined fortune.

Corruption waivers through,
rippling the palid illumination.
Merley enticing recompensation,
abolishing the capability-
the purloin of existence.
Solely descending
towards Gloaming torment

Epoch the transparent Gleam,
uncombable of appearing.
Verboten the deafening sounds
Of the unadorned damaged chronometer.

Drifting in ignominious lifeless weeds,
latching the extraction
disgraceful reflection,
Further wihtin.

Obstructing, the much desired exit.
Restricting the academy awArd emotions.

mirror muddling
the clouded resemblance.
Premiering the dagerous eyes,
desperately demanding
escaping the catastrophic emptiness.

Showing the reinvented setting.
Limiting the murky signal of inevitablility
Grasping the delicate isolated flower
craving the serendiptiy.
Shielding the darkness from,
my only chance of alluring life.

-- Zenaida U., 9th-12th Grade