White Gold

Harps, light and white gold
Saints surround Him ~ betold
Praising, singing with Angels aloud
He is our Master, He ripped the shroud

The King of Glory, Mercy and Peace
Lean on Him ~ Life’s only release
Trust, reverence, adoration, obey
He dwells in you when you pray

Harps, light & White Gold ~ the beauty untold
The Great I AM, He states His name
To cleanse and wash away ALL shame
The kingdom is here & now through you
Go and witness ~ with all you do

You are the flavored salt & light
He sources you with all His might
Boldness proceeds to state His name
Sharing the truth to all in pain

Harps, light & White Gold ~ the beauty untold

Increase your peace and wisdom this hour
Fall back into the only power
Lift your voices to the Mighty King
Harps, light & White Gold you’ll sing

--Ann Marie M., Adult