Man is Our Satan (Coyote's Song)

To the Man that Hunted me:

Did you know my heart was beating?

Invigorating wind flowing in my lungs,
A hunger and insatiable thirst in my eyes,
Earthly spirit in the depths of my soul

Oh God, did you know?

My cubs were waiting, nestled in a den
with fever dreams and songs that kept them in slumber,
entranced by visions of their empty futures
of coyote skins gleaming on blood stained walls

But when they awaken, where will I have gone?
Empty mouths and sore voices, endless wandering in the sea of snow.

A lonely song will erupt and flow in the night
As they call for me, their mother
who’s spirit is now one with the stars

And one day too, my killer, they will join me
Particles of dust and blood- slain by the Devil - at one with the sky

-- Isabella D., 9th-12th Grade