Loving a Lie

With you, it was instantaneous
I loved you before I knew you
That’s how we know
That it was doomed from the start
We were meant for each other
But not for long
How can I ever forget my first love?
With him, it was gradual
We fought, we bickered
We fell in love
But with him too
It was doomed from the start
How can it not be
When the truth was hung by a thread?
It was a noose
And we were meant to hang
Love faded away, but it never truly dies
So when he came along
It flickered like a light among the darkness
But the past never stays in the past
And it demanded caution
Which was poison
And as we lay dying, I couldn’t help but cry
What good did it do?
I protected my heart
But it still broke
I kept it in a cage
That it escaped
And now, even a miracle can’t save us

-- Simranjeet S., 9th-12th Grade