Lonely Heart

Accept this lonely heart
Alone I sit in the dark
Time passes slow every night
Waiting quietly for day light
To watch you pass my window pane
Wishing one day your love I could claim
Are you aware I am even here?
For rejection I do fear
How can I Express my love for you?
If only you had a clue?
Can't you feel my dying pain?
If only you felt the same?
This heartache is killing me
Only your arms can set me free
I seen you smile the other day
As I imagined you smiled my way
How can I confess my love for you?
If only you had a clue?
One day I'll have the courage to look into your eyes
To tell you this deep love I have disguised
Another night has passed an the stars have gone away
As I sit here watching the light of day
Accept this lonely heart
As I sit here in the dark

--Elizabeth R., Adult