If I Ever Found the Way

Do not ask me if I am fine do not tell me I am
 going to come out of this storm alive. 
Because to me it is all just a lie.

I fought the demons you told me were going to be
 my last you said once they are gone you are free
 to fly, but I’m still here trapped inside and there 
is no way out there is no light. So farewell if my
 eyes stop seeing sight.

 I fought a fight I knew I was going to win, just
 never thought the light would be so far away. 
I guess know I just need to come out of this cage

 I will find my way out and when I do. I hope these
 wounds in my body heal. If in the dark more
 wounds are made follow my blood track if I ever
 found the way.

--Iris V., Adult