Dinner Disaster

While cooking dinner I got a call
The hubby threw me a screwball
He's on his way home with Mr. Paul
I nearly dropped my glass of alcohol!

In my panic, I burned the spaghetti sauce
I'm telling you, it's a total loss
And the hubby's boss is coming over for dinner!

I have a crook in my neck
I look like a wreck
And his new boss will be here in a sec!

The whole house is in a tizzy
Chasing after the kids kept me busy
Surveying the mess makes me dizzy
My husband isn't a Philistine, is he?

I hear a car coming up the drive
Quickly I dialed 392-7555
To order delivery I did contrive
Three steaks, salad, and lots of fries
With drinks on the patio, we may survive!

--Katherine B., Adult