A Town Called Fear

I’m looking out at this ugly town
I want to leave but I don’t know how
I never meant to end up here,
But here I am, in a town called Fear.

A hundred roads in and no way out
And more people here than I can count
and all of us weep, but no one hears,
our voices lost in a town called Fear.

Once I go I won’t return
I’d like to see this whole place burn
I gotta get away from here
I can’t spend my life in a town called Fear

One day a stranger showed his face
and said, ‘how’d you like to leave this place’
I said, ‘I can’t wait to disappear,
but how do you leave a town called Fear?’

He smirked and said “it ain’t that tough,
if you want it bad enough
So you can leave or waste another year
slowly dying in a town called Fear.”

His words took hold inside my brain
because for the life of me, I couldn’t explain
why I was still a prisoner here
instead of walking out of a town called Fear.

I told him, “Sir, I’ll go your way
I’ll pack my bag and leave today
if you can tell me, how’d you hear
of a way to leave this town called Fear”

He said, “I was just like you, there, Son,
I said when I left, I’d stay gone
and I would never venture near
this cursed place, this town called Fear

But I was powerless to leave
until somebody came for me
and He made one thing crystal clear
it’s love that makes your way from Fear.

And His love made a way for me
to walk away completely free
but once I breathed the atmosphere
He said, ‘don’t leave them in a town called Fear.’

Then I knew what I had to do
I came back here to carry you
and show you the way out of here
so you could leave this town called Fear”

So I taking nothing, we took flight
and left that town that very night
and once we made it free and clear,
he said, “don’t leave them in a town called Fear.”

So I looked across the shadowed sky,
I thanked the stranger, he replied
by shedding just a single tear
as I went back for those in a town called Fear.

--Jonas A., Adult