6 Feet Apart or 6 Feet Under

6 feet apart or 6 feet under
It’s springtime and flowers are blossoming upon gravestones
Will you stay outside or will you stay alive?
How much of your safety must you jeopardize before you realize
you could be the one who dies?
What is the value of a coin if there’s no one to spend it?
What is the value of an economy if you don’t defend the people who keep it running?
Leaders are fantasizing of mass suicide,
Trying to keep the countries citizens tied down
But viruses don’t take political sides
You can’t choke me with chloroquine
or erase all the numbers I’ve seen
I am not a mindless pawn
I’m fluent in a language that consists of Confirmed, Recovered, gone. 

-- Vega A., 9th-12th Grade