The Ocean

The little girl's eyes are as blue as the ocean
Ocean Waves rush in like preschoolers in motion
An oceans storm roars in with fury
Crabs get scared because the sky looked dreary

Whales yell at each other whenever they see food
When fish see a whale they start crying in an afraid mood
Many of the mammals swim as fast as lightning
Sharks teeth are like razors that are very frightening

If you look in the ocean it is a mirror
You can see fish because it is very clear
The sand cries when people stand or play with it
Sand is so soft that it tickles my feet just a bit

Dolphins Squeak as loud as a squirrel
The dolphins are like a pack of wolves in a whirl
The ocean is a very hungry dog looking for its toy
I love being there as it’s a family joy!

--Maleeyah W., 3rd-6th Grade