The COVID-19

We are stuck at home like a hand in a jar,
While you guys are swabbing people like a rockstar,
We thank you by staying inside like a bear hibernating,
Although we’re bored like someone staring out the window, you tell us to keep hydrating. We appreciate your care and bravery, like you are family.

You heroes in scrubs are working as hard as an ant,
Trying to find an antidote in this pandemic like a brant,
Wearing masks like a boss while curing people in hospital beds,
This virus is a war of sickness making people feel bad, this is just like eating sour warheads.

This quarantine is as boring as seeing something over and over again, When this is over like an ending movie, I can’t wait to unchain,
It’s keeping people apart like living overseas, and even then we can only call, If doesn’t get done fast like the flash, I might just bawl,
This quarantine feels like we’ve been stuck inside for 18 years like Rapunzel.

But things are looking better like the shining sun; now thanks to the healthcare workers, Everyone’s inside like a caterpillar’s cocoon: there is no crime, no criminals, and lurkers, The Earth is as healthy as a plant, and is breathing much better,
We’re communicating with lost family and friends every two seconds, the love is like a thick sweater.

--Kayla B., 3rd-6th Grade