The Central Valley

A sense of summer in the Valley‘s breeze.
I see, you and me, in every growing tree.
And, it planted in us, the lessons we learned.
Harvesting the sweetness in how the hot weather simply burned.
Always a dry heat that left blisters on the farmer’s tired feet beyond the concrete.
I love the way it shaped us into who we got to be.
Also, like the branches of the city that made you and me.
A longing, once again, from our elders to be understood.
Sweet memories of living in childhood.
Always, passing with the time.
I found myself in this lifetime.
Still, searching for more.
Though, I knew who I am from each step, even, when leaving the valley’s door.
Returning and asking, what’s in store?
And, who I am, or what I got to be.
It is still a reflection of who we each can see.
So many different faces, but all the same.
All growing up, in the wonders of, the valley’s name.

--Loan L., Adult