Standing in the center of the universe

I was a man, standing in the center of the universe.
I was a martyr, paving the way for those who dream to finally see their wishes come to fulltition.
Even the gods and those in power bowed down before my righteous judgment.

I had seen the birth of the universe and the end of the world.
I was not afraid.
Even the pride of Lucifer and the greek god Zeus could not compare to mine.

The fingers of death threatened to consume me,
and in my hand I held the secrets of the universe.
On my right shoulder sat a raven,
and on my left stood the devil.

From my back sprouted a pair of wings.
The one on my right side darker than the darkest night,
and the one on my left the purest shade of white.

From below me I heard the cries of the suffering,
and from above me I heard the cheers of the fourtunate.
I was a man and a martyr, but now I am a god.

--Kamyliah B., 7th-8th Grade