Quarantine Life

I’m as sad as a bird when he has no place to live,
I’m as lonely as a polar bear that has nothing to give,
Its like you being sick and can’t leave the room,
It’s like people trying to call their friends on zoom.

We are as busy as bees doing my homework
The bees are like my mother making artwork
My friends are people who can do a lot things
When it comes to us, we are like busy kings

The books don’t fly off the shelves if they’ve been read
They want to know if you are as soft as a bed
You are as playful as a kitten playing with Legos
She is like a Lego building in San Diego

If you are like a person who is sick, wear a mask
Don’t be a person who likes to have questions to ask
Your house could be as cool and super clean
Hey! Remember, stay in inside when in quarantine

--Lucas B., 3rd-6th Grade