My Dog; Doc

My dog; Doc
Doc is a vicious tiger
Sometimes he is a bit of a crier
But he is always as calm as an ocean wave
He always behaves and we never have to put him in our cave

Doc barks at the howling wind
Once he was mad and was a shark because he got stung by a bee and the bee grinned
The next day he was once again himself but tired as a cat
He did nothing but just lay there like a fat mat

Sometimes Doc isn’t a dog to us he is a human
One thing that we dislike about Doc is that he isn't a crewman
But he is an amazing dog; a big cuddly rabbit, Doc is more than we could ask for
His one and only chore is to clean up what we dropped on the floor

His big brown eyes are hazelnuts
When he does something bad he goes and tells me then goes to his little hut
If he gives me puppy eyes he is a little baby that I can’t resist
Sometimes when he does disappoint us, we always c

--Lauren C., 3rd-6th Grade