My Crazy Cat

My crazy cat is as fast as a plane
When he sharply bites you are in pain
My cat is as fast as a cheetah running
And when finally see him, he will be coming

He is really he as crazy as a monkey
And my cat is also very fat and chunky
He is as big and wide as a lion
And you will soon be on the floor cryin´

He is small and funny like a bunny
He will also make your day sunny
And he is as fluffy as bunny too
And he will loudly nibble at your shoe

He is as big and mean as a tiger
He is as brave and agile as a rock climber
He will quietly sit on your couch
And he will scratch you and make you go ouch

He will mess up your work
And sometimes he will be a jerk
I really love my crazy, funny cat
So I will keep him under my hat

--Luca M., 3rd-6th Grade