Life in CO-VID19

When I’m at home, I wash my hands & I wash my face.
When I’m at the store, I’m at a six feet distance with whoever I trace.
All we do is watch the news, it really gives me and my family the blues.
I try to stock up on toilet paper and food,
But when there’s none it really puts me into a mood.
Life at home really sucks, even if I had a million bucks,
There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to spend it.
Even if I tried to lend it.
I see my teacher on the screen, she tries to teach us all new things.
We’re all learning in a different way,
Distance learning to stay away.
I try to keep in touch with my relatives,
I try and not to be so negative,
But it’s hard when the world around me is testing positive.
We’re all alone in this together,
But I know that this pandemic won’t last forever.
Counting the days and counting the minutes,
Until life again has no limits.

--Brian T., 3rd-6th Grade