It is achievable.
People can hurt you.
Grind you into the dust where you first came.
All happiness seems to be gone.
Don’t let the monster rise.
Blow away the ashes where it rests.
Steal its energy.
Make it cower.
Happiness will make you free.
Dull its claws.
Bring it light.
Stop the monster from taking with it all this terror.
Have joy.
Stop being that wretched beast’s puppet.
Destroy the shadows that cloud the tangible light.
Take it back.
Take your happiness back.
Don’t let those cruel people chop at the part that makes you you.
Steal those storm clouds of darkness.
The sparks of hate will ignite inside you.
Bring God to you.
He is your King.
Those evil, dark flames will shoot into your sky.
Have peace. Have joy.
Fight against the monster’s lies.
That beast may prowl around you, in control.
Kill it with kindness. With love. With the happiness once stolen from you.
Then you will have that sought out happiness. Once and for all.

--Hailey T., 3rd-6th Grade