Disney Dreams

Disney oh disney where dreams come true.
I wish you were a person so,
I can ask you an interview.
Where kids wishes and imagination runs free,
And all their stories and characters become reality.
Where brave princes fight villains and dragons galore,
And princesses throw parties waiting
For their true love to soar.
Where wizards and genies make wishes come true, where henchmen and sidekicks support masters to.
Where Hades, Jafar, Maleficent, and Usula get revenge,
And other villains just want to take over and earn some respect.

You even have parks to honor you,
To show that your AWSOME and this is
All true.
Like Disneyland and Disney World and Magic Animal Kingdom too.
Where kids can be and do anything they want to do.
Your movies are fantastic,
So magical, so classic!
And that is why we should thank and honor
Disney for being real and being their for you,
Because with all I just told you
Disney Dreams Do Come True.

--Mariana A., 7th-8th Grade