Dear Class

That moment when I saw all 35 of you enter my class
I knew this year was going to be challenging but a BLAST!
Feeling so excited to start our new year in 5th grade
I was extremely nervous but I knew I had it made.
The year was going so great but extremely fast!
But I DIDN’T KNOW that Covid would make it not LAST!

As I sat in my house and missing YOU everyday
I was hoping and pondering on the time, that I would see you again someday
The best times for sure were being at school
Laughing, joking,and learning because YOU made it so COOL!
Dear class I didn’t know it would be like this.

I know all this is scary most of the time
But you have to BELIEVE that HOPE is always on our side
The best thing right now is to stay positive and STRONG
We all know that Covid definitely doesn’t belong!

DEAR CLASS please cheer up, laugh, and smile
I bet this will only last a little more for awhile!
So, don’t you agree? That we can live happily
Together we can find LOVE and comfort with our own FAMILY!

--Oneida G., Adult