The Long-Ignored Bessler Principle: A Chiasm for Overlooked Rotational-Energy Sources

1 When released, Bessler's Gera wheel (first displayed on June 6, 1712) turned for as long as desired about a horizontal axis.
_2 All Bessler's wheels initially increased in angular speed and then could rotate for as long as desired, by tapping into a "free" source of energy. His wheels (internally-rotationally-sub-microscopically) and he (on his bearings) had to work extremely hard to obtain the "free" energy.
__3 The two seemingly "iron" bearings, of his Kassel wheel (12 feet in diameter and weighing about 700 pounds) of 1717, were only three-quarters of an inch in outside diameter.
___4 The Kassel wheel could "perpetually" pump water.
____5 To start the Kassel wheel, it needed a tiny push in either direction.
_____6 Edward Leedskalnin by 1936 built and well used his Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders, which was a source of much "free" energy.
______7 Circa 1945, nuclear reactions were incorrectly touted as being the source of the sun's radiant energy.
_______8 Sun temperature trends from deep dark sunspots to the furthest edges of the solar atmosphere/corona (10,000,000 degrees Kelvin) have long been ignored.
________9 An ultra-low-friction magnetically-repulsive bearing produced the "perpetually" turning wheel shown during the spring of 1968 partial assembly held at McKinley Junior High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
________10 Many effects of turbulence have long remained mysterious.
_________11 Horizontal-axis out-of-control satellite-tumbling has long been a mystery.
__________12 Circa 1968, Joseph Papp produced Papp engines, which provided much "free" energy.
___________13 Circa 1989, cold fusion was quickly improperly rejected, despite later persistent evidences in its favor.
____________14 Circa 1997, Paul Pantone produced GEET reactors, which contribute much "free" energy.
_____________15 Circa 2010, Muammer Yildiz's magnetic motor produced a "perpetually" running fan, which rotated about a horizontal axis.
______________16 CSX uses railroads with massive wheels, which roll without slipping.
_______________17 The average surrounding temperature from the Earth is about three degrees Kelvin.
________________18 Three degrees Kelvin would liquefy helium, if not also exposed to many nuclei, which are rapidly rotating about horizontal axes.
_________________19 Saturn and Jupiter each produce excess radiation, not due to gravitational compression.
__________________20 Every wheel rotating about its central horizontal axis receives extra energy from the Bessler principle. The extra energy and even more energy is almost always wasted on nearly-ubiquitous friction so that most wheels slow down.
___________________21 The ancient yin-yang symbol, in its oldest form, is symbolic of the Bessler principle.
____________________22 The Bessler principle works because of the two pull-downs of gravity.
_____________________23 Gravity itself is chiastic and speaks of much greater beyond.
____________________22 The two pull-downs of gravity usually have the first pull-down at the lower elevation.
___________________21 The oldest form of the ancient yin-yang symbol denotes the two-chamber, water-filled yin-yang rotating-cylinder and typifies that the lower point is pulled down first by gravity.
__________________20 Every nucleus rotating about its central horizontal axis receives extra rotational-kinetic-energy by the Bessler principle.
_________________19 Saturn and Jupiter each produce excess radiation, from the Bessler principle.
________________18 Many rotating-nuclei far above the Earth rapidly rotate faster by the Bessler principle, when they have extremely-low rotational friction.
_______________17 The Earth is not a frozen ice ball, due to protective radiation from especially rapidly-rotating nuclei far above.
______________16 In 2015, CSX obtained 471 miles per gallon of fuel (for moving each ton of freight) by partly obtaining much "free" energy from the Bessler principle.
_____________15 After being started to have rapid rotation about a horizontal axis, Muammer Yildiz's magnetic motor was effectively an ultra-low-friction magnetic bearing producing continuous power from the Bessler principle.
____________14 GEET reactors use greater rotations of molecules and nuclei within magnetic cylinders to rip apart gas molecules using the Bessler principle, which provides much "free" energy.
___________13 Eventually cold fusion effects should be recognized as the interaction of rotating nuclei initiated using the Bessler principle.
__________12 Papp engines used extremely rapid rotations of nuclei to produce energetic photons, using the Bessler principle, which provided much "free" energy.
_________11 Will an astronaut be brave enough to test if the Bessler principle causes a tiny satellite to increasingly rotate?
________10 Turbulence should eventually be understood, with required help from the Bessler principle.
________9 The 1968 McKinley ultra-low-friction demonstration exemplified the Bessler principle.
_______8 Sun temperature outward trends are exactly contrary to a hot fusion explanation for the sun's energy source, which explanation incorrectly assumes that the energy is produced deep down in the center of the sun.
______7 The sun's energy source cannot be based on nuclear reactions, because temperatures from the sun actually increase with elevation (despite greater exposure to the three degrees Kelvin background temperature of space), but those measured temperatures perfectly fit a Bessler principle explanation.
_____6 The Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders used ultra-low-friction rotational-connections of magnetically-repulsive teeth on sprocket wheels between massive limestone cylinders. The free book, "Gravity-Wheel Unveiled", has decoded (from the 1936 book, "A Book in Every Home") the specifications for and use of the Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders, which provided much "free" energy.
____5 To stop the Kassel wheel, a man could be lifted off the ground.
___4 The Kassel wheel could "perpetually" turn an Archimedean screw to lift water.
__3 Coded-symbolic specifications of the very-low-friction mechanically-grown bearings for the Kassel wheel were published in 1717 as part of Bessler's internally greatly-chiastic "Apologi’sche PoŃ‘sie und Poetische Apologie Von seinem MOBILE PER SE und PERPETUUM MOBILE", which title itself contains two second-level chiasms. Bessler's obvious-ordinary poetry helped hide his more important "coded-self-hidden" chiasms. The free book, "Gravity-Wheel Unveiled", has decoded the bearing specifications and the most important overlooked-chiastic-poetic structures.
_2 While making great noise, Bessler's Kassel wheel rotated for a desired trial of 54 days, to try to silence his vindictively lying enemies. Lingering lies contributed to the much evidence of Bessler's wheels being ignored. The truth eventually will go forth.

1 Where would we be now, if we had not long overlooked the Bessler principle, which was amazingly exemplified in Bessler's many "perpetual" turning wheels (including the wheels at Gera, Draschwitz, Merseburg, Kassel, and Karlshafen)? Will we still continue to ignore the somewhat-ubiquitous-yet-self-hidden Bessler principle in its many and slowly-increasingly-more-obvious manifestations?

--Alden P., Adult

Background Reference: One may download at a free pdf of the 712 page book, "Gravity-Wheel Unveiled" (2019).