Exotic Animals

The lion is as strong as bulletproof steel
When he is hungry he’s as hungry as 5 meals
The lion is like a child being very crazy
When it’s tired it’s like another lion being lazy

A tiger is as fierce as a tiger shark
When it is like a savage and bites it’s going to leave a mark
The tiger can get as hungry as a little boy
It is like a baby boy playing with your toy

A cheetah is as fast as the flash
The cheetah can run like a hundred yard dash
When it’s hurt it’s as slow as a slug
When it’s getting better it’s as healthy as a June bug

An elephant is as strong as a metal steel
An elephant is as happy as the color teal
When it runs it’s like a giant charging sign
When it stops it’s like a runner at the end of the finish line

--Roman B., 3rd-6th Grade