The Cookie Stealer

During quarantine a boy ate cookies like a tiger eating its prey
At home when he saw cookies his vision was like a ray
When he tried to grab them his mom said no fast a lighting
The boy walked away sad, as he looked frightening

His mom went to the store but it is a wreak
The boy had to stay home since the germs are a freak
She had to get toilet paper,but people are being birds trying to
get their paper
The boy was a pig eating all the cookies leaving cookie scrappers

Went mom got home the clouds were crying rain drops
The cookies were so hot they need to put on some cold tops
The mom was so shocked, when the oven got done its mouth open
The boy’s face was white as the clouds that it was hopen

The mom told the boy to write a letter to the hospital to thank nurses
The boy agreed and started writing about nurses versus this virus other curses
We all need to give thanks to the nurses fighting for their lives to help us
Scientist too help trying to create a cure, together will all go through this fuss

--Lukas R., 3rd-6th Grade