​The American People

I do not stand by you
I will not support
For you lie and deny
No matter who it hurts

Thousands are dead,
with many more to come
Why can't you step up,
and do what needs to be done?

Stimulus checks
will just have to wait
For I am the President..
you all love to hate

Fox News loves me
As much as I love my money
Daily briefings are a blur,
As I don't recall
Anything truthful,
doesn't matter at all.

I am the President,
I am King
I don't know what I'm doing,
but please vote for me.

You come across,
like this is a game
And everything's great,
just as you said about the 20 states.

Now Easter has passed,
and it's warming up
This virus is here,
leaving families out of luck.

So Trump congrats
for failing the American people again
January 2021 is 9 months away
Time for a new leader,
one who will do what they say.

--Susanne A., Adult