Quarantine Chaos

When I heard the word my head became a blur
I can’t even visit my Grandma’s cat Fur
I thought this would be fun like having a pet dog
But my mom made me write a very long blog

Having no baseball is the end of the world to me
Replayed games are as boring as watching grass grow on the tv
Not playing baseball is like hibernating during summer
It is all just one big bummer

My tooth is chipped like the granite on Half Dome but the dentist can’t fix
My brother broke the counter while dancing to his favorite mix
My hair is as long as a lion’s mane
Quarantine is such a pain

Not seeing friends is like being locked away from fun
When you play by yourself you’re always #1
Playing with my brother just isn’t the same
We fight like hungry lions almost every game

I still have to pry my tired eyes open to get up for schoolwork
But it’s hard to do when my brother, the Tasmanian Devil, goes berserk
When I’m not bothered I get it done as quick as a flash
Fun side note, on Easter Sunday I got some cash

My mom is now my teacher, her brain works like a clock
She can even find that pesky, missing sock…she’s our rock
Quarantine has put me to shame
I never knew life could be so lame

--Casey Y., 3rd-6th Grade