Corona Corona you’re a vicious tyrannical king

You’ve robbed many of us of everything

You wear your spiked crown with so much pride

During your reign so many have died

You’ve brought thousands of people to their knees

Here in the United States and overseas

We’re all waking up with anxiety and fears

Many times, it has driven us to tears

At first, we acted invincible and proud

And soon found out not to dwell in a crowd

Through announcements by media to maintain our distance

We learned not doing so might extinguish our own existence

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay six feet apart

That coronavirus will destroy your lungs and heart

Can’t go to the movies, the mall or the beach

We must stay home; we have children to teach

You’ve been a mean-spirited tyrant King Corona

Plaguing young and old with headaches, fever, chills and pneumonia

You’ve totally changed life as we knew it

Nevertheless, like many times before we’ll get through it

Like tyrants before you, you will soon be overthrown

And the misery you’ve spread will then be gone

A new day is dawning when we’ve weathered the storm

We’ll soon be facing what will become the new norm

So, I look forward King Corona to your demise

When once again we will gather together and watch our nation rise

--Patricia A., Adult