Ekphrastic for a Misremembered Painting (Family Reunion)

At times, it’s easier to walk back
instead of forward. The jungles and
cities don’t cry anymore, but somehow
continue to face the growing pains. You walk
the path, well worn, known
and unknown, but more known
than the city skyline that covers the expanse
of your existence. Don’t color yourself dull
gull gray, color yourself electric blue or
sterling green, and take the trek to that place
you understand in your DNA, the abode
you see in the distance, aglow
with the bodies who were, who still gather
in celebration. No particular reason, only
to celebrate life, and your invitation is to join
without hesitation: Please, sit down, welcome,
you don’t know us, but we don’t know you either,
only the tie to a family and history
survived in your sweet laughter,
in the hair like your uncles, and eyes like the great
grandmother you’ve never met yet.

--Isaiah R., Adult