It was a bright sunny day 8 yrs ago
When the greatest man I had ever known was taken home.
Strong hands that once held me when I was afraid
Were lifeless and frail at his side where he laid.
I pleaded with god to please let him stay
But his body was too tired, god needed him home to my dismay!
I fell to my knees dropped my head toward the ground
The pain in my heart was so deep so profound...
For never could I imagine this strong man would ever die
I was his little girl the apple of his eye!
I loved him more than he ever knew 
I wish I had one last chance to say , "daddy, I love you!"
Thank you for being the greatest dad in the world,
God sure blessed me when he made me your little girl.
Don't take this life for granted here on earth
Love with all your heart and show each loved one their worth.
Because tomorrow isn't promised or guaranteed
So confess your heart and let the love fly free

--Amanda P., Adult Guest