Crazy People

I’m Bryan and am brave as a uptight lion
My friend Ryan is as strong as a muscular bison
Ryan is as crazy as a Titan and would eat a Hawaiian Dandelion
Also my brother Mayan is so good at basketball he plays like Zion
Uncle Stan is awesome like he was once a Minutemen
My Dad, Dan is like a Superman combined with Batman
My Mom, Ann is so fun like a funny snowman
My Sister Milan is scary like a lazy Tarzan
My Aunt Abby looks like she is from Miami
My cousin Gabby looks so unhappy like she’s from Cincinnati
My oldest cousin Kaby is crabby like a batty Grammy
My youngest cousin Tammy is mean like a sassy Pakistani
My friend's friend Fred is in bed like he’s dead.
Fred’s brother Fredrick's head is as big as a pig head.
My teacher Mr.Ed looks like cornbread.
My principal Ned looks angry then looks like a red head.

--Goven D., 3rd-6th Grade