Bonfire Dancer Red Dress

Midnight heated to a glow
She is there in red dress, dark red, true
I mean clay earth red,
Merlot, rust

All harmonious beauty she rolls
Dancing between me and the bonfire
Smoke and muscle
Undulating at the waist
Flames become sparks in her eyes
Her hands flutter, sweep her bones
She dances for those who seek godhood
She dances from the underground river

How does she reflect?
How does she shimmer
Moonlit waves
And faces I remember?
The fire sounds like
The trickle of a stream

She smiles briefly, turns
In her red dress,
Rust red, burgundy, soon
Stained in wine, rolled in clay
Maroon like the bloodguts
Of a fire beast who rages
And rages, and rages
To turn meek

I'm hidden in the crevices of her shadow
When I leave turn notices? Nobody
But my sight is burnt blue
Where I watched her blaze

In the heart of every butterfly
There is the larva inside the cocoon

I try not to understand the invitation
But I do

I desire a red dress
Blood red
Dark red
Something so hot it sizzles
As I swim
Through all that is within

I do

--Leah H., Adult