BEAUTY. Media will drill it into you like it is the most important screw needed to hold together your home. your body. Media will shove it down your throat as if it will be able to satisfy the emptiness in your stomach. in your life. BEAUTY. You look in the mirror only to reject your own reflection. Your exterior. You step on the scale hoping not to ammount to more than this world can handle. Hoping not to be too much. BEAUTY.  Your parents teach it to you as though it will define your success. your happiness. your mom teaches you how to cut and paste. So you can fit in. so you wont be judged. Of course she does. She wants to protect you from the cruelness of this materialistic world. Because BEAUTY is what we are taught to see first. BEAUTY. what is it really but a perspective of something attractive. what is it other than a word spit onto those who fit into a mold. A mold we create in our minds. To please our eyes. BEAUTY. Can someone show me the true depth of this BEAUTY that we never let fall beyond our hearts. The surface of things seems so much easier to grasp. The outward appearance of things is so much easier to reach. We let our eyes make the first impression. We let our eyes decide our own worth, as well as others. BEAUTY. Now forget what they taught you. Forget what they said. Lose the mask you wear every day to fit the mold that they made. BEAUTY. I will tell you is not what they say. It will not make you happy or make people stay. I will tell you be anything you want. Be crazy. Be smart. Be brave and be funny. But what ever you do don't try so hard. Dont fit in. Dont mold to their words and their ways. Be different. Be loving and kind. Be everything other than something you arent. Be beautiful by these things that I say. Beauty is not what you might think. Its something most people wont ever reach.

--Elizabeth W., Adult