The Weight a Smile Carries

~~ The Weight a Smile Carries ~~
Smiles hold more weight than superficial quivered lips.
Smiling from your eyes show more vulnerability than opening yourself up to someone.
More vulnerability than showing up to a war front with a “God Hates War” protest.
Every smile is the outcome of a war waged within,
a war nobody sees, a war being fought subliminally.
Smiles hold more weight than any expressed moment of emotion.
I want a smile to be the legacy I carry from moment to moment.
To every pondering thought of you.
Smiling is laced with the blood of every broken heart.
Every pain of the past, it’s the wince of knowing you made it through that pain.
It takes somewhere from 17 to 26 muscles to smile.
It’s a reminder of all the muscles used in order to get here. To get to this point.
Happiness doesn’t come easy.
A smile has had to withstand more than you can imagine.
It’s a deeply rooted tree, despite every storm, it finds a way to stay just as firm.
It’s the calm before and after the storm.
It’s the rainbow at the end of a rainy day.
Just flip it upside down and the resemblance will become evident.
Treat it as god intended, treat every smile as a promise.
A comfort that, never will we let ourselves be drowned by our sorrows.
That no rain will carry on for 40 days and 40 nights.
Let every smile carry the weight of every pain, every regret, every moment of peace and every veteran of war.
A smile is the welcome party to any love story.
So smile.
Let me try to find the reasons of why I love you.
I’ll send a search party composed of my lips.
And maybe, just maybe… Your smile will be the reason for mine.

-- Jose C., 9th-12th Grade