The Virus

On this great day, but very stormy, it’s as loud as an earthquake.
As small as a mouse, I dislike weather full of crazy things that keep me awake.
Animals are as slow as a moose and as smart as a snake.
Weather is bad with the virus; people are not cured like a cake unbaked

When the virus popped up, I was crazy as a zebra and awake as a kangaroo.
Everybody was happy that the virus was not big as bloom
But now it's so crazy it has not blown
Doctors can’t find a vaccination. People are as crazy as they have flown
When I go to school and walk in class, papers are flying everywhere.
It is quiet as a mouse but i was stopping it to try
The feeling of school is crazy because it's drying
people aren’t using toilet paper; it's horrible because we know it's just a mistake that the covers blown

When I went out to PE I had to ride my bike
It wasn’t that fun because my friends were not that night
I was as shy as a cow and as fast a cheetah but know one could catch me because I had said see ya
I did not want to talk, because every time I did a dog would come chase me and you would too!

--Ian P., 3rd-6th Grade